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The employee predictive performance game has changed.  

Maui Analysis is NOT just another assessment company.  We've spent the past 25 years chasing the elusive employee performance factors that consistently drive great people performance! And yes, we're confident we've found those answers and we would like to demonstrate our findings for your organization.

What we've discovered about human performance:  

Employee performance is NOT a single measure.  It is a performance matrix comprised of 4 major integrated ingredients. We've identified those ingredients and we offer the validated instruments that can measure those factors..and best of all, we've integrated those factors into a reliable performance answer that provides our clients with "the making great people decisions insights" they really need.  Best of all, we've assembled those answers into an easy to read eight page Executive Summary that generates employee performance answers rather than a string of 50+ pages of datapoints that you have to decipher and decode.

The Universal Human Performance Matrix
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The 8 page Maui Analysis Executive Summary

If you've found 50+ pages of performance data as confusing as it is tedious, you will find our new Executive Summary to be a welcome and powerful option.


Making Great People Decisions requires Reliable Integrated Performance Measures.

The Maui Analysis Performance Series Assessments will prove extremely valuable as you seek to make your great people decisions. We uniquely measure the strength of the three performance multipliers that amplify a personís credentials (the combination of their hard skills backed by their track record of success) and how that amplification translates into performance.

Leverage our 30 years of non-stop research and use what you will discover here to add a scientific performance component to your people processes. This tool can be used for employee selection and development as well as improving teamwork.  It will assist you in dramatically reducing and even avoiding making poor people choices that are so costly, disruptive and frustrating.

Summary of the Three Performance Multipliers

The Critical Thinking Measurement

Critical Thinking is the first and most important performance multiplier. 
It has the unique ability to calculate decision speed, the capacity to work effectively with others and make the right decisions while operating within the established framework of the organization.

The critical thinking measure is based upon the Nobel nominated research into human decision theory and is comprised of three sophisticated algorhythms that calculate and measure an individualís capacity to make the correct choices when faced with the problems, challenges and opportunities they encounter (always applied to their area(s) of expertise).

The critical thinking measure reports on the capacity to:
    1.Identify the core issues that are driving a problem, challenge or opportunity

    2. Create a workable solution for the identified core issue(s) needing attention.

    3. Implement the workable solution that operates within the guidelines of the organization and inside the scope of the resources that are currently available to the individual.

The Internal Motivator/Driver Measurement

The Internal Motivators/Drivers are the second performance multiplier.  Based upon the Harvard research into human motivation, it measures the hierarchy and the relative strength of each of the seven universal human motivators and how they uniquely combine to form the ďaction stepsĒ an individual will WANT to take as they translate their critical thinking decisions into plans and results. It indicates how a person will try to influence those results in order to reflect and support their most influential motivators.

The DISC Behavioral or Communication Style Measurement

The Behavioral or Communication Style is the third performance multiplier.  Fostered by 65 years of research into human interactive dynamics, this multiplier identifies the STYLE someone will use to communicate their motivated, critical thinking decisions to other people.  Unlike other tools, we measure the 12 integrated behavioral and communication factors that plot how the personís levels of assertiveness, extroversion, patience and precision uniquely combine to form the overall behavioral display the individual will most often use when sharing and communicating their ideas, beliefs, recommendations and fears with others.

The Executive Summary

In just 8 pages, you'll receive a clear and concise understanding of how anyone's critical thinking, internal motivations and natural communication style uniquely combine and integrate into reliable performance indicators that can be applied to leadership, management, sales, customer service or general administrative roles.

"Give me an ANSWER...not more pages of data that I have to decode!

Why would I want to take your tools for a testdrive?

When you are looking to make great people decisions, you need great performance ANSWERS.  If you're currently using a performance tool that isn't integrated or just gives you pages and pages of data points that you have to decipher rather than giving you a reliable performance answer, then we would like to invite you to experience our alternative - We deliver Performance Answers that are simple to understand and that you can trust.  Our performance toolset gathers the critical performance factors and presents them in an easy to read 8 page executive performance summary that INCLUDES a performance summary, a screening and hiring recommendation, developmental suggestions, communication style and teamwork indicators.  

The Executive Summary is built upon and incorporates the Nobel Peace Prize nominated science into critical thinking, the Harvard based research into human motivation and over 65 years of behavioral and communication studies.  We've integrated these solid performance factors into a reliable performance matrix that gives our clients the employee performance answers they want and need to make reliably great people decisions.

We look forward to sharing this with you. I believe I can assure you that you won't be disappointed. Thank you for visiting.

The Maui Analysis Group
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Hawaii Direct: 808-575-5116
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